Leaf Soap Holder


Soap Bar Holder for Decorative Kitchen Bathroom Self Draining Tray Shelf with Anti-Slip Suction Cup Leaf Shape Bathroom Soap Dish



  • Durable material: creative leaf-shaped soap box is made of high-quality ABS, fashionable, durable, and long service life. The edge of the soap box is smooth and won’t hurt your hands! The leaf-shaped soap dish is small and delicate, easy to carry. This is a very wise choice for business and leisure travelers.
  • Self-draining design: the leaf-shaped soap rack tray adopts a waterfall self-draining structure, which can drain water quickly, reduce waste and prevent the soap from becoming sticky. It allows water to flow directly into the tank from the diverter. It not only keeps the soap dry, but also keeps the sink clean and easy to clean.
  • Easy to install: The soap tray is easy to install, without punching, and can be firmly fixed by using a suction cup. There is a removable silicone suction cup at the bottom to keep the soap dish stable. Please clean the suction cup before use and leave a little water drop at the bottom, so that the suction cup will be sticky and can keep the bathroom and kitchen clean.
  • Anti-slip design: creative triangle card design prevents the soap tray from sliding and effectively prevents the soap dispenser from falling. No matter the size of soap, it can be safely packed in a soap box for easy use. The leaf-shaped soap dish has no corners and cracks that are difficult to clean. It can be cleaned by washing with water or wiping with


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